Thursday, November 6, 2008

working on my demo reel

My First shot at making a demo reel after graduating from school a long time ago. I figured it was about time to change out my old reel which had some of my first attempts at animation. It was a little embarrassing



Toby Cochran said...

Hi Irene! Nice animations! I like how you made the Stu character into a fat kid! Are you still at AM? or did you graduate from it already?

I'm in class 4 right now and didn't find you on campus. Anyways nice work! And great sculptures by the way!

irene said...

Hey Toby,
I think i remember you from mentor actually. I am still a student - well sort of. I keep having to drop out due to not having enough time for the assignments. I work full time, Its really hard and frustrating not to be able to complete an assignment. Ive completed 2 quarters, and hope to return this next coming quarter.
See you there!

Diana Calderon said...

this is adorable

Álvaro Álvarez said...

Geniales esas animaciones, Irene.
Mi enhorabuena

fati.b said...

What are you talking about "embarassing" ?I think this is amazing... Great work and I am in love with your sculptures as well!

Dan said...

I'm glad you kept Anndrea's voice work in your reel, I really liked that piece..well and the rest of it too!