Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some updates

Almost finished!!!


Sam Rowan said...

lovely what are you using?

Raphael Gatt said...

Look alike mike mignola Stylle, amazing... for a long time i try to be a professional like u...

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Your sculpts are fantastic!

silveraxe said...

It looks beautiful!! Love the shape of the feet and the face!

irene said...

He is made out of super sculpey firm. The character is by Sean Galloway- so I cant take any credit for the design :)

Cooljoedog AKA Mister J said...

Hi Irene,

fantastic work! I love to be able to do what you are doing, but we don't have courses like these in Singapore.

Any tips for us people over here?
Like a good book to read on or website that teaches?


thndrcat said...


I was wondering why is he two diff colors. Did you do the blue parts out of a diff color sculpty and then attach them on? or does it dry blue, or is it painted?

irene said...

hey cooljoedog

There really arent many courses in the states for this sort of stuff either. I learned crazy amounts of information by going on sculpture forums. There are tons of tutorials, and most people are happy to answer questions.
try this one:


The blue parts are baked and painted.

Leon Harmon said...

Very impressive sculpts! I love the Stargate sculpt as well.

Parka said...

I thought I saw this on Cheek's website?

Caitlin said...

Just found your site and I have to say Nice work. Very clean sculpt. Your armatures are alittle different than what I'm used to , but I think I'm going to give that style a try.
Do you use an oven or heat gun to bake the sculpey?

I did a proper modelmaking course specialising in sculpting, but you don't actually start to learn until after you leave. A course can only realy teach you as much as the tutor knows. Its been over 10 years since I finished that course and I'm still learning.

Sedo said...

How do you get your lines so clean?
I primarily work in earthenware when sculpting, but I assume that the principals would be the same...I just have trouble making things small, my pieces tend to be anywhere of a range between 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide or larger.

NanĂ– said...

how to make it as smooth sculpture? same as me because I

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