Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Progress shots....and my kitty


HwangNguyen said...

Your Kitty is a phenom sculpter. How long did it take to train him\her to do that?

lyon said...

Love it, can't wait to see it finished!

david said...

Hey Irene! Excellent work on the Cheeks sculpts. They're perfect! I didn't realize who you were until I saw the Stargate sculpt. I was blown way when you posted the in progress pics of that on the Sculptors Forum. Are ya planning to finish that monkey?


irene said...

THe monkey! man, what is it about that monkey???
I promise I will finish him one of these days

david said...

That is one fine monkey! Not surprised at all that your getting badgered on the little guy. Thanks again for showing your in progress! It’s always interesting to see how another sculptor gets things to work. I noticed you mentioned that you shipped your Stargate piece out for casting. I’ve fumbled around a bit with casting but think it may be time to look for someone how really know what their doing. Was it really cost effective to have send the piece out?

Lisi said...

If it's not much problem, could you tell us what material are you using? just to see if I can get it here
keep up the good work, it inspires me

irene said...

Hey david,

I had a guy locally make my molds and bought a few casts off him. It was very expensive, and I was not happy with them at all. I will be trying someone new next time. I cant really speak for other professional casting people since this was my first time sending it out.
I had a friend help me out who knows casting, and was very pleased with the result. now I can just make my own casts.

I am using super sculpey firm mixed with the regular pink sculpey.

Mattia Nelli said...

I found your blog through Got Cheeks, and I'm impressed by both your sculpting and animation skills. Awesome work, can't wait to see this finished!
I was wandering what kind of material you sculpt with... so it's sculpey. I think I'll try it sooner or later.

Mastershokhan said...

Hello, Irene! Nice sculptures! I noticed you use loops as fingers.. (Tony Cipiano does that also) So my question is: Do you cut the loops after the epoxy has cured, creating 6 metal strands? What are you using the 6th wire for?