Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Went to a Rodrigo y Gabriela concert a few weeks ago in Hollywood.
Turned out to be freaking amazing!! So much energy!! I was so excited - Just wanted to go home and play guitar all bad-ass like them..... Except I don't know how to play guitar, I've never even held a guitar.
I stuck to what I know instead- Had to do something productive with my enthusiasm ( its rare for me)
Besides isn't this what real sculptors are supposed to do-- Make statues of great people?

Don't judge me -you know who you are-, I know i'm supposed to be doing paid work or finishing one many in progress sculpts!
I plan on finishing this one!


Rafnir said...

Amazing! I love Rodrigo y Gabriela and you've managed to capture their energy perfectly. You're an amazing artist. <3

abey said...

awesome work!!!

Diana Calderon said...

Nice Irene! How can we get you more enthused?!

Carolina said...

Fantástica, Irene!

J. R. Gallego said...

Irene, eres una estupenda escultora. ¿Qué tal resulta la plastilina Chavant para trabajar?
Un saludo.

ben said...

Make a F*cking Bronze!!! don't finish it too much keep it a bronze and then do some more musicians!!!!...doit!!

chiara ganzer said...

It looks great! I agree with Ben, keep it quite rough. Amazing!

Steph said...

I really enjoy looking at your stuff. You have a wonderful skill and I look forward to more from you!!

irene said...

Hey thanks guys, I am glad you like this one, its my first time working in Roma.
J.R. - Tabajar con plastilina es un poco lento al principio, pero mejor para los detalles.

BA: I cannot believe my eyes! you asking me to keep it rough!?? is it really you???
But I was planning on it since I dont have too much time

SalBa Combé said...

Otra escultura alucinante. Que envidia me da ese talento que tienes con el modelado!
Un saludo y hasta pronto!