Friday, March 25, 2011

Mostroville puppet

Edward Von Ghastly stop-motion puppet for the Monstroville short film.
Check it out:

Creator/Producer/Director - Von Kreep

Character Designer - Jeremiah Alcorn (El Tigre)


Suminsky said...

Hi Irene, Ive been looking your work for some time, Im freaking impressive on how do you manage to bring characters so abstract to real volumes and keep the same look(same style), Its hard to see that even on 3D, and you do it with clay. Im so jealous of you!(even never having tried
I got a question if you dont mind..Its possible to do those sculpts but with loam clay(my english sucks, I mean that red mud clay, that you put water to make it more sculptable) instead of those gray ones(those are special for sculping right? what about epoxy?)
See ya o/

Bryan Wynia said...

Great job, this came out fantastic!

chiara ganzer said...

Hi Irene, fantastic work! I appreciate so much as you can manage shapes using animation style. Congrats!