Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New sculpt

Hey guys, heres my new sculpture. Its a commission by Jayenti Collins. You can check out his blogs:

I am also putting together a tutorial for this piece as I go. For those of you that have sent emails:


Pigmalión said...

Great idea the tutos page!

kenjibliss said...

Hello Irene, I love your sculpts and the updates are very very awesome! Your design for the hipster is very fun and love the gesture. Can't wait to see more progress, so cool!

Carol said...


Qué grande! :D
Oye, qué vas a hacer con la super melena de la chica?
Qué ganas de verla acabada!

Por cierto, el blog de J. mola, ;)

un abrazo!

[rich] said...


jriggity said...

Very Inspired!!

thanks so much.


Ryan Yee said...

The tutorial is awesome and makes so much sense. looking forward to seeing this complete!

HwangNguyen said...

Looks great Irene. Thanks for posting the tutorial.

robi pena said...

Preciosas tus nuevas obras Irene, siempre tan fascinantes, encantadoras!!! Besos y hasta pronto!!

dutch sheperd said...