Tuesday, November 24, 2009

THe Batman

Not a whole lot of change in this last set. I am just doing more cleanup. I will add the cape and utility belt later just so I don't have to sculpt around them. Thanks very much for all your feedback--it's very much appreciated!!

Here's some progress on Cheeks' batman design statue. It s a real fun little piece. I was going to post the entire armature process, but it went by too fast and before i knew it, I was already sculpting!


Cheeks said...

Man, Irene... you have got this down! Now you're just showing off. ;P Thank you for making me look good!!!!!!

joverine said...

holy effin' wow that's so amazing
I would LOVE to have this on my desk as ref.
Sean's proportions are sick!

keep up the good work-both of ya's


Owen Williams said...

This is quuuaaaality

Occasionally called Robbie said...

This simply ticks all my happy box's :)

Eric Belisle said...

Incredible design by Cheeks mixed with mad skills from Irene... POW!!!! Can't wait to see what will appear when the smoke goes away.

Anonymous said...

HOOOOT! good job dude

Cesar Tafoya said...


Geosette said...

You are juste amazing, love the bat, the cheek end the Irene.
I WANT IT on my shelf.

Tommaso Valsecchi said...

That's amazing! Am I wrong... or there's a cat behind the Batman?! Or maybe she is just Catwoman...? ;) Congrats!

J. Arturo Ramírez said...

Hello Irene, as always seems to me the other good work you do based on the art of "Cheeks" I want to repeat that work together though we are far from each other, you think about it? :D
Congratulations again, you're sculpting in wax, right?


irene said...

Thanks very much much for your comments. Hopefully you will get the chance to own a cheeks batman soon. I really hope so anyway!!
That is a cat behind batman. I tried to crop her out, but figured no one would notice

jriggity said...

so cool!


Joshua James said...

Great Work! I love your Zbrush Sculpt!

Leonel Castellani said...

What an AMAZING artist you are Irene! Just found your blog, and I`m speechless... Love EVERYTING here.

luq said...

amazing ! What kind of material do you use ? Super Sculpey ? :)

Ryan Yee said...

Wow, that's awesome! Just bought the new spectrum 16 congrats on getting in!

irene said...

Leonel: thanks for the kind words, they are very much appreciated :)

Lug: Yes, I do most of my work in sculpey

Thanks very much Ryan, I had mostly forgotten about Spectrum- but I am suuuper excited about it now!!!

Carol said...

Irene...you´re amazing!!!

I can´t wait to see the batman figure finished!

un saludo!

(love the jaffa sculpture...)

krutitwa Dhal samanta said...

hi irene,

ur work is really really awesome...i am greatly inspired by ur sculptures..even i want to learn sculpturing....may be if possible u could post some videos demonstrating how u do it,i mean ur working processs....nyways u rock....keep it up...

RedRooster said...

awesome work! Im a huge fan.

TH3DEN said...

Hey Irene, amazing work yet again! :D Its really coming along awesomely! Can't wait to see more as it progresses!

Carol said...

Gracias, Irene!

(eres de los pocos a los que gustó la pelicula! LOL)

El libro de arte está gustando bastante (es lo mejor de todo :D)
Ahí al menos se luce nuestro trabajo como es debido.

un saludo!

ice caps said...

hi, really nice work here.
may i ask what type of clay do you use here?
thanks a bunch!

Christopher P Sanders said...

This Batman is off the chain!! My Gosh!! How talented are you??

Julien alday said...

Simply awesome ! A real treat for the eyes !

Martina Ginevra Albano said...

This is perfect. :3

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