Friday, January 23, 2009

Space doll

Add VideoThis sculpt may or may not suck. I am starting to work in wax now, and this is my first test. Space baby is being sculpted in my spare time, and is also my first attempt at articulation. I hope it survives other wise it will join monkey, and the many many unfinished sculpts on the top shelf of my work area.


Brian Churilla said...

Looks really good so far. Hope it works out and doesn't end up in unfinished sculpture purgatory. Looking forward to see it progress.

idle. said...

I've always wondered when hearing about wax but what exactly is the advantage of using this as opposed to say Super Sculpey? The reason I am asking is because I am just starting out in the area of sculpting and I have plans on working on my first line of selfmade resin cast toys. I would love to hear back from you, Irene.

Thanks in advance,

idlehandstudios said...

I'm really loving this one. I'm amazed at what you've been able to accomplish with super sculpey so watching this little guy develop is going to be a treat.

Congratulations again on the Kuta statue for Cheeks! It's perfect and will surely give you the exposure you deserve!

Thanks for sharing your in progess pics!


irene said...


To answer your question idle, I think its the clean up that is made easier in wax. I just started out with wax. Its a bit more difficult to learn. Ive only used super sculpey before that- so Im probably not the best person to ask.

Thanks for the encouragement Brian & Idlehandstudios - I hope this little guy makes it!

TH3DEN said...

hi irene! thanks for visiting and the comment! i've quickly become a fan of your work since seeing it for the first time at cheeks' blog! you must have some solidly steady hands to make such great sculptures, ive tried just once and it ain't easy. :) i'm just about to start on my second figure i hope it also goes well!

in anycase it seems like this is going pretty good so far, it'll be really awesome to see how it progresses! again, ridiculously awesome job on kuta and the stargate figure looks phenomenal! :)

hitspitter said...

we are excited about this new sculpt! said...

Hi my name is Otto (sorry for my english) your artwork is fantastic, so you are fantastic too. :)
i have a question, what kind of material you use ceramic or Clay?
Keep de good works

axel schmidt said...

"monkey, and the many many unfinished sculpts on the top shelf of my work area" .... please post a photo of it - your work is really amazing! thanks a lot - i will come back!

.: Tsunnamii FX :. said...

glad to find this kind of sculptors! got here from "cheeks" deviant. I really like the way u work! those piece came out just perfect!

hope to see more from your work here, will be passing from time to time.

cheers from argentina!

how old r u?

irene said...


I use Super Sculpey to sculpt in mostly. This little guy is made out of wax.


haha- I actually have a picture of my desk back home somewhere. Monkey is on my website along with another limbo sculpt . I will dig it up and post when I find it!

Gracias por escribir Tsunami -tengo 24 aƱos
-saludos de EU jaja

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