Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Assembled Jaffa sculpt

Six months later I finally get the Jaffa sculpt for stargate worlds assembled! Hope you like it :)


Sam Rowan said...

this stuff is so fucking coooooool

jealous of your workspace I have a shelf weep weep

merry christmas!

joverine said...

u rock
merry xmas!

Paul Adam said...

Amazing work! Subscribed!

Mindy Lee said...

Gorgeous work! I'm so inspired.

HwangNguyen said...

AWESOME, I want one! good job Irene.

Tyrassic said...

awesome stuff, love all the sculpts, was wondering if you didn't mind me asking what type of clay you model with and what material you make your casts out of, thanks

Tony Cabrera said...

Rindonculous, your stuff looks awesoem Irene, keep it up!!!

pointpusher said...

WOW!!!! I love how you kept the graphic shapes in the figure, but it does not feel "stiff" at all. I particularly love the right hand, that knuckle line is killer! Amazing work!

Parka said...

This is just so beautiful. Love the costume design.

Cheeks said...

this looks amazing, Irene!

Thank you for the congrats, too!

I hope they are treating you well over there.

I'm ready whenever you are for the next sculpt. :)

justdoodleit said...

wow! your work is very good. great volumes and shapes!

Brian Churilla said...


irene said...

Glad you guys like her!

Sam- I am sad to say I no longer have my workspace. I moved to Rhode island and now Ive only got a very small table weep

Tyrassic: I used mostly super sculpey firm- I didnt do the molding or casting but its probably some kind of silicone for the molds, and some kind of resin for the casts

Paolo Rivera said...

Amazing work! I think you've mastered the medium. Thanks for sharing.

Pablo Hernández Delgado said...

+ WOWOWOW! i love it! her arms and hands are amazing!

dj-willett said...

was wondering how much you would charge for one of those?

Jonathan Hoffman said...

Fantastic work! Just discovered your blog - wow. Wish I had your sense of design and craft.

gregory lange said...

Buenos días,

Me pongo en contacto con usted tiene intención de una de su creación " Stargate Worlds Jaffa "
¿ Es magnífica es quería saber si usted podría venderme una si él le gusta?

Me quedo a la espera de su respuesta
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gregory lange said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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